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SmugPush FAQ

What is SmugPush?
SmugPush is a third-party application for SmugPush pushes your local photo directory folder structure to It uses the first level of directories as SmugMug categories, the second level as Album names. SmugPush will create each Album and category (if necessary), and upload all the photos in each album.

Why should I use it?
I have SmugPush scheduled to run on my desktop computer every night. That way I can get the photos I want uploaded to organized the way I want, and SmugPush will handle all the album creation and uploads while I'm asleep.

How does it work?
Here's a detailed overview
If you download the latest release you can unzip the file to see a sample of the "Root > Categories > Albums" folder structure.

How do I install it?
You don't have to install it, just run the smugpush.exe file in the root directory of your "Root > Categories > Albums" folder structure. You can also run it from the command line with your login information and you will not be prompted to enter anything.
smugpush.exe -e -p yourpassword

SmugPush asks for my login information, I don't want to give that to you.
You don't have to, SmugPush communicates directly with's servers using their secure API.

Ok, I've used SmugPush a few times, what will happen if I delete a picture locally? Will SmugPush delete that picture on my account?

Nope, smugpush only adds photos to, it never deletes them. You will need to visit your page to delete photos.

What if I move a local photo that has already been uploaded from Album A to Album B?
SmugPush will upload that photo a 2nd time to Album B on The photo will no longer be in your local Album A, but the same photo on's Album A will remain untouched.

What if I change the file name of a local photo?

SmugPush will upload the changed photo as if it were a new photo. Then there will be 2 copies of the same photo on your account.

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