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SmugPush version 0.4

by Jason Email

Unzip to see a sample folder structure. If you run smugpush.exe under the SmugPush directory it will upload a picture of our mascot Oswald to a album called Oswald under the category Family.

SmugPush Overview

by Jason Email

SmugPush is a third-party application for SmugPush pushes your local photo directory folder structure to It uses the first level of directories as SmugMug categories, the second level as Album names. SmugPush will create each Album and category (if necessary), and upload all the photos in each album.

The idea is that you can manage your photos locally, and have SmugPush run periodically in the background to push new Albums and Photos to

This program is intended for people who like manageing their own digital photo files using a hierarchy of directories and sub-directories. And who like using comand line programs.

This screen shot should give you a good idea of the directory format.

SmugPush directory format

In the above example;
Upload Pictures is the Base Directory,
Family is one of several Category Sub-directories
Chicago is an Album Sub-sub-directory under Family

The 14 JPG images in the Chicago directory will be uploaded to a SmugMug album called Chicago with the category Family.
The “Notes.txt” file will be ignored since it is not a photo.
There are 3 parts to using SmugPush
1. The Base Directory

  • There is just one Base Directory
  • This can be anywhere on you hard drive
  • This is where you put the SmugPush.exe program
  • It will contain the upload log after your first upload
  • It contains all you Category Sub-directories
  • Photos in the Base Directory will not be uploaded

2. Category Sub-directories

  • There can be as many Category Sub-directories as you like in the Base Directory
  • Each Sub-directory will have a category name.
  • If that category does not exist on your account, SmugPush will create it for you
  • Photos in a Category sub-directory will not be uploaded

3. Album Sub-sub-directories

  • There can be as many Album Sub-sub-directories as you like under each Category Sub-directories
  • If that Album does not exist on your account, SmugPush will create it for you
  • All the photos in each Album Sub-sub-directory that have not been uploaded by SmugPush before will be uploaded to the appropriate Album.
  • Any non-photo files will be ignored