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Confessions of an Internet Celebrity

by Jason Email

You've probably already noticed, but the Google Maps street view of Buena Park is totally invading my privacy. Damn paparazzi.

Teaching methods

by Jason Email

Call me crazy. But I think I'd rather learn Intro to Macroeconomics audibly.

Pillar Park

by Jason Email

So my co-worker Adam and I often eat lunch in a nearby park. But today he wanted to go to a new park that he saw on Google Maps or something. When we got there it had all these cool concrete structures and pillars, and will henceforth be know as "Pillar Park".
Here's Adam engaging in some reckless behavior. Keep in mind that he is going to be a father in a few weeks.

Mung bean noodles

by Jason Email

These are the cooking instructions for noodles we bought at our local Chinese supermarket chain. I find it quit soothing if you read it as poetry.

1. L&W Vermicelli is made from mung bean and starch. Add the vermicelli into well cooked mung bean and cook another 2 minutes then add sugar. It is delicious to serve either in hot or chilled during Summer time.

2. Add the Vermicelli into well cooked red bean and cook another 2 minutes. Serve with sugar is good at any season.

3. During Winter. For Hot Pot Serving. Add the Vermicelli in the fish-head soup, L&W cuttle fish ball, fish ball/with mushroom. It is delicious and warm you up.

A win for *real* cofffee drinkers

by Jason Email

"Starbucks Corp. announced Wednesday that it will stop brewing decaffeinated coffee after noon each day."

Take that! fake coffee drinkers.

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