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Spicy Tour de France

by Jason Email


It looks like the teams invited to the 2008 Tour de France have been announced. The good news is that Slipstream-Chipotle and High Road are in, but Astana is out. Which means no Alberto Contador or Levi Leipheimer (last year's 1st and 3rd place from team Discovery). Bummer.

Oh yeah, Lisa should be happy too, cause Quick Step is in as well.

Quick Step

I think I'll be rooting for Slipstream-Chipotle this year. It is a difficult name to say, but not as embarrassing as "Liquigas".

AIDS/LifeCycle 6

by Jason Email

Well, we did it. Lisa and I rode the whole route from San Francisco to LA. It was really fun and, of course, challenging. Now the question is; Do I put my bike away for a month or so and relax? Or, take advantage of being in the best shape for cycling ever? You can check out some of the pictures on flickr