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Yet Another Cat Picture

by Jason Email

Oswald is like "The Princess and the Pea", except he can sleep anywhere... and for a long time.

Oswald as teh princess and teh peaz

Cat hi-five lol

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My cat has the diabeetus

by Jason Email

We just took Oswald, our cat (the 3rd most famous cat on the Internet), to the vet for his annual diabetes check up. He is doing fine, and even lost some weight. Do you think I should get him this shirt as a reward?

Bitches Dont Know About my Diabeetus

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Merry Christmas

by Jason Email

I still need to start shopping.

I’z will takes the ring.

by Jason Email

iz will takes the ring
If you haven't already heard from Lisa emailing/Im-ing/facebook-ing you, Oswald is the latest Internet sensation.
Currently he has almost 1600 votes and over 100 comments.
The best comment:
"You have my sword.
And my bow.
And mah bucket! (see gnome on right)"